Study Of Youtube Comments Finds Evidence Of Radicalization Effect

Crash course is a very popular YouTube channel with many, many videos on history, math, media, business and much more, that make learning about a subject more fun. The subjects are explained with many pictures and animations so that you do not get bored. You can quickly and easily add annotations to videos that learners can click to immediately access online articles, sites, or other videos that you feel may be of value to them. Rather than wasting time by searching the web for additional references, learners can rapidly view information online and remain fully immersed in the overall eLearning experience. Another high school student that has their life far more together than I do, Jasmine makes extremely high-quality videos.

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  • Our purpose is not only for you to know and understand the King’s Word but for you to live it out in your day-to-day life.
  • Just prop up a laptop or iPad up in the kitchen and search for the dish you want to make.
  • Genetic and compound screening has been extensively used to find drug targets and drugs for viruses of clinical importance that have few therapeutic options.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is easy to get the hang of , but it’s more complicated than it appears, and updated information on proper techniques has changed over the years.

Our written studies reach out to a large audience who use them in their own study of God’s Word or to help them lead a group. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. Exploring Sunday’s Mass Readings to provide thematic sense to the readings. The reflection encourages the reader to consider some change to his/her life even minimal incremental change. Although the reflections often identify typical impediments to authentic Christian living, they are an encouragement that change is possible. Pedro believes every word in the original documents of the Bible is verbally inspired and inerrant.

Study Design

Each component of the machine learning analysis described in the Results section has been previously reported and was carried out at the University of Miami using Support Vector Machines. Please contact Hassan Al-Ali for information on all aspects of the machine learning analysis. As a scientific researcher without a university position, he occupied an odd niche. In large part, his situation was the product of systemic racism.

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If you’re looking to learn a language quickly or on-the-go, this app is the way to go. Memrise is a language learning app used by over 40 million students from all around the world. This app has a team of in-house linguists that help create content for each language course and interact with the students. Apart from cats, TV comedies, and the Harlem Shake, YouTube is full of usefulness, such as educational channels with learning tips, lectures , how-tos, and so on.

Ali uploads videos on his productive days very frequently and also makes many videos on tools that make your life easier. What I also find very interesting are his videos on earning money on the internet. He tells the viewers how he does it and tips on how others could also make money online. Ruby Granger is also a British study YouTuber and student at the Exeter University. She is well known for being very productive and structured, especially in her morning routines and long study days (+ 10 hours!).


We noted that one group of kinase proteins including MAP4K4, TNIK and MINK1, had a high MAXIS score . MAP4K4 and MINK1 were thought to be present in HCMV infected cells . However, our analysis of siRNA did not indicate a role for any of these proteins in HCMV replication or identity a lead compound for any of these proteins . Given the high MAXIS score of this group, we decided to investigate if one or more of the aforementioned proteins were necessary for HCMV replication. Many of the kinase proteins shown in Fig 1D had no known role in HCMV replication. These kinases were referred to as the Maximum Information Set .

The sample size was also adequately powered to detect a significant difference in changes in the time spent on vigorous-/moderate-intensity exercise, walking, and sitting. The study showed that the role of genetics and long-lived ancestors proved less important to longevity than the level of satisfaction with relationships in midlife, now recognized as a good predictor of healthy aging. The research also debunked the idea that people’s personalities “set like plaster” by age 30 and cannot be changed. The study, like its remaining original subjects, has had a long life, spanning four directors, whose tenures reflected their medical interests and views of the time. In addition, scientists eventually expanded their research to include the men’s offspring, who now number 1,300 and are in their 50s and 60s, to find out how early-life experiences affect health and aging over time.

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If you conducted your observations in a more open-ended way, an inductive approach allows your data to determine your themes. After you finish your observation, immediately record your initial thoughts and impressions, as well as follow-up questions or any issues you perceived during the observation. If you audio- or video-recorded your observations, you can transcribe them. After you’ve chosen a type of observation, decided on your technique, and chosen a time and place, it’s time to conduct your observation. Devise a shorthand for your notes, or perhaps design templates that you can fill in.