A Homeless Millionaire has a true false identity. Someone that loathes in a surreal reality, but still has a firm grip while slipping into oblivion. Being Homeless with Millions of dollars doesn’t mean you have no place to live with lots of money. It means you can live anywhere you want without any money. Finding a home should mean more than buying a home. A home is what you create with-in the capacity of your creations. Live by your Art, Live with your Art, and may Art live in you. Become a Homeless Millionaire and not a Millionaire with a home.

Thank You.

Enjoy the Exhibit.

“Retreat Hell” (2015)

Official Selection for U.K. Veterans Film Festival
Official Selection for Los Angeles CineFest
Official Selection for Hollywood Screening Film Festival
Official Selection for Film Crash Film Festival (Best Actor Award)


“LAID!” (2014)

Official Selection for Comedy Ninja Film Festival

“A Working Man” (2013)

Screening at L.A. Film School Graduation
Screening at Neon Venue Experimental Film Festival